Bonded like never | Accounting homework help

As a team leader of group five student, you are assigned to discuss with your team members to write a plan for this 11 weeks Accounting course. You need to consider how to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of study time within a group online. 

For example: 1. Strategies you are using 2. Methods to communicate 3. How to assure the participation 4. How to manage time 5. How to adapt to the multicultural environment within your group 6. Do you need code of conduct to discipline the members’ activities? 7. How can you study together to achieve better result both on project and course study, i.e. chapter by chapter review? 8. Lots of other things to consider based on real experience 

Requirement: Provide a written essay, using the critical thinking writing core process, to answer the following question,“How can we bond together within the group during COVID 19?” 

The essay writing assignment is to develop a 1000 to 3000 words (Times Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced) analyses of the question above. Reference pages are not included in overall words. An abstract page not required. There are no right or wrong answers, rather I will be looking for how well you support your argument and solution. The material for the paper should come from the real experience, class discussions and outside research. The four sections highlighted below are required: Executive Summary This section is where you will lay out for the reader your question at issue you intend to address, present your thesis statement (recommended answer to the question or solution to the problem), and communicate the main points you will be presenting in the body of the paper. Body paragraphs This section should be a well-organized argument based on facts and logic. The section should clearly follow the outline you constructed, using your critical thinking skills. Conclusion This section should simply summarize the question at issue, thesis statement and main points. I should have a clear sense of the logic of your paper. References The paper must follow APA Publication Manual (7th Edition) guidelines

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