Canadian business & society: ethics, responsibilities, and

  • Format: maximum 12 page business case report, with clear opinion and “go/no go” recommendation.

“Your group of like-minded friends, spread across geographic locations, started a company ( what kind of company you started is up to you to decide) and you want to relocate your company in Vancouver BC.

Before taking such an important decision, you have to thoroughly research Vancouver, as a business destination.

You will:

  • perform an analysis of forces (i.e. “Porter Analysis”) potentially impacting your business in Vancouver,
  • perform a SWOT analysis focusing on the opportunities and threats in the “PESTEL (i.e. political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal) areas”.
  • write a business case report, in which you will recommend moving or not your company to Vancouver BC. The report will be crafted for your stakeholders, at large.”

This is an equally difficult and useful assignment, which may yield you a lot of useful insights about Vancouver, your future, or present, home.

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