Cass study (answering questions for business class)

“Aviation Spare Parts Supply Chain Management Optimization at Cathay Pacific Airways Limited”

Read the above case study, and provide your answers to the following questions.

1.      What are some particular supply chain management issues for spare parts operations that Robert (manager of inventory operations) and Paul (manager of procurement of aircraft components and maintenance) need to consider in their recommendation proposal?


2.      What is Cathay Pacific purchasing power in aviation spare parts procurement? What are the possible alternatives for improvements in the procurement process?


3.      How does Cathay Pacific handle shortage management? What are the problems with each option?


4.      Which type of aviation spare parts is suitable for procurement outsourcing? Why? What are the criteria for spare parts outsourcing?


5.      What are the advantages and disadvantages for Cathay Pacific to use 3PL partners for its repair management and logistics management? What are the criteria for Cathay Pacific to choose its 3PL partners for repair management and logistics management?


I have attached the source !!! 

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