Mini case study | Operations Management homework help

Each student will write a 2-page report on their recommendations and rationale for 5 mini-case studies due each. : The 2-page report submitted each week (t 2-page reports (Calibri 11-point font, single space and 1” borders on a 8.5”x11” paper). This report will be graded individually based on the students’ ability to identify key issues and opportunities, make sound recommendations and corresponding explanations backed up with data and tie the mini-case to class themes in a clear and succinct fashion. Template for 2-page mini case studies reports. 

This is just a suggestion, but each student may selectively apply these items as appropriate: 

a.Problem: Define the innovation or strategy problem facing the team, 

b.Recommendation: Of the options that exist, what would you recommend the team do (feel free to suggest an alternative strategy than the one chosen by the company)? 

c.Analysis: This is the heart of the report. Support your recommendation with compelling data or arguments. Connect the case to the class’s higher-order themes, Leadership, Design Thinking, Agility, Business Model Innovation, etc. 

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