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Scope Statement Essential Components

For this assignment, you will develop a scope statement that will be used to define the project requirements and exclusions. The scope statement should include the following elements:

· Executive Summary – 2-3 paragraph summary of the business needs and key features of the project.

· Business Requirements – The specific statement(s) that describe the business problem to be solved.

· Solution Requirements – A list of all relevant technical, project and regulatory requirements that effectively solve the project’s business objectives. Solution requirements must be classified by priority.

· Exclusions (Out of Scope) – Items that will not be addressed by the project.

· Key Project Features – In this section, identify any conditions that limit project planning. Constraints of the project such as “must have “milestones, constrained due dates, events or budgetary restrictions.

· Assumptions & Risks – Identified risks and/or assumptions from the business case and project charter. 

· Approvals – Space for key stakeholders to formally review approve all sections of the scope statement content. (Note: Best practice is that the Project Sponsor reviews and approves key project management documents).

Textbook: Project Management: The Managerial Process (attached)

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