Recommendation letter | english | Bergen Community College

Letter should be written from Dr. Vazie

This letter is a reference for future employment in the medical field.

This recommendation must be 2-3 paragraphs stating that I am easily adaptable to different environment, flexible employee therefore I picked up shifts when needed, fast learner of the new procedures taught, bilingual employee, great communication skills patients felt very welcomed and comfortable with my hospitality and kindness. 

Add more things that are good and outstanding that can make them want to hire me based of this recommendation letter bc of experienced 

This is what the Requirements for the job were, you can include some of those duties that I preformed excellently 

Medical Assistant 

-Take vital signs 

-Perform basic laboratory tests 

-Prepare examination room and equipment 

-Perform various respiratory evaluations 

-Administer a variety of treatments which may include inhaled medications through nebulizers, oral medicines, or even injections under the supervision of the pulmonologist 

-Communication with patients including scheduling patient 


-Update and maintain medical records

-Manage billing and payment 

-Process insurance claims 

-Manage the office and medical supplies 

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