The end of the world | relegion


IDST 390: The Ends of the World

Short Writing #2: Encountering Revelation

After reading the book IN ONE SITTING, respond to the following questions. Please write substantively in your responses. 

What images from mainstream American popular culture surrounding The End can be found in Revelation? Give at least three examples and note where you have seen these show up.




2. Briefly discuss how reading Revelation in its entirety in one sitting alters how one views this book by responding to these two questions: 

a. What previous ideas or assumptions about Revelation were addressed or challenged by this reading?

b. What were some new insights gained by reading it this way?

3. If you had to answer the question, “What is Revelation about?” what would you say in one substantive paragraph?

4. For you as a reader, which section was most powerful? What made it so striking?

5. Ultimately, in its context for first century Christians, is Revelation a book of hope, despair, or something else? Why?

6. Finally, add any other meaningful connections or thoughts you might have about this experience. (OPTIONAL)

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