Worldviews and foundational issues of integration | PACO 506 – Integration of Psychology and Theology | Liberty University

Thread: As you engage with the materials for Modules 1 and 2, think through and discuss what factors in your personal religious background have influenced your view on the integration of, or opposition of, scientific knowledge and sacred knowledge. Do your experiences and interactions fit patterns outlined in the Entwistle text (i.e., liberal openness, fundamental opposition, etc.)? How so?

Discuss areas in which your background may have affected your intellectual virtues. Utilize the texts and outside scholarly sources (a minimum of two references) to integrate your reflections.

Adhere to the correct writing style format for in-text citations and references.

Assignment Instructions

Each Discussion in this course will be completed over two Modules. In the first Module that each Discussion is assigned, you must post a minimum 300-word Thread in response to the prompt provided (with at least two references). In the following Module, you must post two Replies of at least 200 words each to your classmates’ threads (with at least one reference). Citations and references must be written in the correct writing style format.

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