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Project: Marketing Plan – Part 4: Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

  1. Identify the Target Audience
    • Before you create a strategic communication plan, you need to understand the target audience.
    • Use the target market information from the marketing strategy
  2. Set the Communications Objectives
    • Use two or more of the marketing objectives found on page 587 of Marketing Management
    • Write the objectives to align with the strategic marketing goals.
  3. Design the Communications
    • Your marketing communications should include: message strategy, creative strategy, and a message source.
    • Message strategy: What will you say? How will these messages create points-of-difference and/or points-of-parity?
    • Creative Strategy: How will you say it? Will you use informational or transformational appeals?
    • Message Source: Who should say it? Your sources should be rated using the following criteria: expertise, trustworthiness, and likability.
  4. Select the Communication Channels
    • Will you use personal or nonpersonal communication channels?
    • Describe the channels for each marketing communication.
  5. Reflection
    • How did this assignment help prepare you for greater responsibility?

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